K1 Speed Anaheim – April 2009 Night Race Results

30 April 2009

K1 Speed Anaheim - April 2009 Night Race Results
We were pleased to see several new faces come out for the competition at the recent K1 Speed Anaheim Night Race GP, which ended up being a race that was largely clean and free of incident. In the qualifying session, there was a heated head-to-head battle between Paul Ciralli and David Messimer for the pole position, but in the end, Paul managed to take first place by 0.7 seconds ahead of David. After putting up a solid effort, Khalifa Alasiri ended up qualifying on Row 2 in the 3rd spot, a scant 0.22 seconds behind David Messimer. In the main event, Paul, David and Kalifa were all able to maintain their positions as the Top 3 drivers led a procession of competitors for 16 laps, finishing the race in the order they started! We have a feeling though that David and Khalifa would have welcomed some position changes at the front!

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