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K1 Speed Anaheim Jr. League 5 Results

Junior Qualifier Fastest Lap

1. Johnathan Yunker 31.906
2. Lucas Roberton 32.249
3. Christian Timple 33.423
4. Wyatt Tway 34.551
5. Ryan Smith 34.876

Teen Qualifier

1. Trevor Buongiorno 27.744
2. Alizae Arbona 28.267

Junior Final

1. Lucas Robertson – 32.035
2. Christian Timple – 32.155
3. Ryan Smith – 32.852
4. Johnathan Yunker 33.499
5. Wyatt Tway 34.512

Extremely exciting Final race for the Juniors! Johnathan started off in the Pole followed by Lucas and Christian respectively. They all held ground for the first lap until Johnathan spun out in a tight corner dropping him to last place. Christian was on Lucas’ bumper the entire way with several chances to pass. Lucas held him off the entire way. Ryan fought his way from 5th place to finish a very convincing 3rd place. Johnathan never gave up from his initial spin out and finally passed Wyatt to finish 4th in the race! Outstanding racing by all of these kids. They all made great strides this season-can’t wait to see the start of our next Junior Racing Season!

Teen Final

1. Trevor Buongiorno 27.497
2. Alizae Arbona 28.155

These 2 teens raced against each other all season, with Trevor having a slight edge over Alizae. There were no lead changes the entire race with Trevor taking 1st place for the race and the season. Alizae pushed Trevor the entire way and there was definitely zero room for error. These 2 racers will be tearing up K1 tracks for years to come!


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