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K1 Speed Anaheim Jr. League GP 2 Results

Had an exciting race in Anaheim last night, with many debates regarding the finish. It was a surprise to most that a frequent visitor to the podium, Christian Temple, unfortunately did not make it there. In the Qualifier heat, Dylan McConkey turned in an impressive 33.34, only to be pushed into 12th place in the Final. Johnathan Yunker took the checkered flag in the Final, earning himself 24 points for the month. Sebasian Tafurt came in 2nd, and Jake Blake rounded out the podium with a 3rd place finish in Anaheim.

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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