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K1 Speed Anaheim Jr. League GP 5 Results

Teen racing at K1 Anaheim, was fast last night when Lydia Meyling qualified with a 28.613. This young lady has appeared out of nowhere and has been giving our seasoned drivers a run for their money. It was a close race although their were only two on the track, but Lydia was not going to let Ryan Smith pass her without a fight, and fight they did. It took nearly half of the race, but with Smith right behind her he finally passed on lap 8. Smith defended his position well, as Meyling constantly challenged him on every corner. Good racing by two talented young drivers.

Last night also was the close of Season 1 for the Teen category. With final points going to Ryan Smith and Lydia Meyling, it was still a close race for 3rd. Season 1 Teen Champion with 30 pts goes to trevor Buongiorno. 2nd Place: Alizae Arbona -7, and 3rd Place: Lydia Meyling -12. Congratulations to all of you, and we look forward to seeing you soon, as Season2 is not far away.

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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