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K1 Speed Anaheim Jr. League Season 2 GP 1 Results

Teen League kicked off last night in Anaheim, but we raced with a small field, a very small field. Only one dedicated young racer, Ryan Smith came out, but he showed some good speed, and put some Championship points on the board. Ryan runs very consistent lap times in the mid 29.4 range which for a youngster as himself can be coached up into the mid 28.0 by end of the season. I really like seeing a racer reach this point, it now becomes a challenge to perfect their skills, and see quicker times with great skill and consistency in every lap. Thank you Ryan for displaying some great racing skills at the Season Opener in Anaheim.

1st: Ryan Smith – 4pts

July 2nd – Mini GP
August 6th – Mini GP
September 3rd – Mini GP
October 8th – Mini GP
November 5th – Grand Prix Final


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