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K1 Speed Anaheim Junior League Results

The originators of the K1 Speed Junior/Youth Challenge GP race series hosted round one this past week, starting off their 2012 race season for the young drivers at K1 Speed in Anaheim, California. A packed house would field both Junior (kid karts) and Youth (adult karts) for some great racing action for everyone on hand. With a single qualifying race setting the main events the fields would battle back and forth for the top qualifying spot. Christian Timple would edge out the field in the Junior class posting a 34.175 second lap time to take the pole position. Trevor Buongiorno would take the pole position in the Youth class with a single lap time of 28.66 seconds and set the pace for a fast field of young drivers.

The Junior drivers would be out on track first for their main event and stayed evenly paced for the full race. The top three drivers would finish out their night in the qualifying positions respectfully with Christina Timple going unchallenged for the win. He was followed by Tyler Thayer-Pham in second and Leonard Ploszaj would round out the top three to cap off the class.

Youth class drivers would close out the night and the race to watch was between the top two in the field, pole setter Trevor Buongiorno and Bryce Raygor. Trevor would end up going wire to wire for the win and Bryce sticking to him waiting to make his move but was unable to find the right time to get around Trevor. That placed third position driver Kaitlyn Rossi and fourth position Alizae Arbona in a tight battle for the remaining spot on the podium. Kaitlyn would end up rounding out the top three with Alizae sitting just off Kaitlyn’s back bumper.

This was a great kick off to the 2012 Junior/Youth league Challenge GP race series with more excitement to come as the season progresses. Our next race is March 6th, and is open to young drivers of all skill levels. Come out and check out some of the best young racing action in Orange County with K1 Speed in Anaheim, California.

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