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K1 Speed Anaheim Junior League Results

09 August 2012

Junior Qualifier

1. Tracer Hayden – best lap 32.893 avg lap – 33.99
2. Christian Timple – best lap 33.909 avg lap – 35.011
3. Ryan Smith – 34.702 avg lap – 35.72
4. Johnathan Yunker – 36.569 avg lap – 37.33

Teen Qualifier

1. Trevor Buongiorno – best lap 27.979 avg lap – 28.43
2. Alizae Arbona – best lap 28.593 avg lap – 29.176
3. Jordan Amling – best lap 30.342 avg lap – 31.041

Junior Final

1. Johnathan Yunker – best lap – 32.346 avg lap – 32.856
2. Tracer Hayden – best lap – 33.08 avg lap – 33.533
3. Christian Timple – best lap – 33.941 avg lap – 34.583
4. Ryan Smith – best lap – 34.414 avg lap – 35.247

Junior qualifier was pretty straight forward and Tracer was clearly faster on this track. The junior final was much more interesting with Tracer having the pole. Johnathan started off 4th and overtook everyone on the first lap. By his 10th lap he had lapped 4th place Ryan Smith. He made some adjustments from the qualifier, but it was clear he had a faster kart and ended up winning the race by a quarter lap.

Teen Qualifier was pretty exciting with all participants trying to get the best lap time. Trevor was clearly the superior racer on this heat. The Final was very exciting, especially the first few laps. They started off all of them neck and neck. Trevor was able to seperate from the other 2 by lap 3 and stayed ahead the entire race. Alizae was close behind the entire time but could not get the final push to pass for first.

Very exciting racing!

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