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K1 Speed Anaheim Junior League Results

Junior Qualifier

1. Brandon De La Garza 32.97
2. Johnathan Yunker 33.032
3. Lucas Robertson 33.096
4. Tracer Hayden 33.423
5. Christian Timple 33.512
6. Ryan Smith 33.598
7. Wyatt Tway 33.613

Junior Final

1. Johnathan Yunker
2. Christian Timple
3. Tracer Hayden
4. Ryan Smith
5. Brandon De La Garza
6. Ryan Kaplan
7. Wyatt Tway
8. Lucas Robertson

Outstanding racing by these young racers. Brandon started out in the Pole but was quickly overtaken by Johnathan Yunker, Christian Timple and Tracer Hayden. There was wheel to wheel racing by five racers for the first few laps until Johnathan finally separated himself. Brandon slipped all the way to 5th and finished the race that way. Johnathon finished the race by several kart lengths followed by Christian and Tracer. These are all young up and coming racers that will be competing for years to come.

Teen Qualifier

1. Trevor Buongiorno 27.742
2. Alizae Arbona 28.237

Teen Final

1. Trevor Buongiorno
2. Alizae Arbona

These two Teens turned in some excellent lap times overall. Trevor started in the Pole and finished first by half a lap. Alizae is a fast young racer but just could not keep up with Trevor. Trevor has been tearing up K1 tracks in Southern California for quite a while now. His recent experience with outdoor racing has clearly given him an edge…look out for him as he continues making a name for himself.

Jul 10th – Mini GP
Aug 7th – Mini GP
Sep 4th – Mini GP
Oct 2nd – Mini GP
Nov 6th – Grand Prix Final


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