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K1 Speed Anaheim Junior/Teen League Results

Junior Qualifier-

1. Tracer Hayden best lap – 32.111 avg lap – 32.604
2. Lucas Robertson best lap – 32.833 avg lap – 33.304
3. Brandon De La Garza best lap – 33.508 avg lap – 34.924
4. Christian Timple best lap – 33.593 avg lap – 34.163

Teen Qualifier-

1. Trevor Buongiorno best lap – 27.28 avg lap – 27.658
2. Alizae Arbona best lap – 28.201 avg lap – 28.593
3. Jordan Amling best lap – 29.729 avg lap – 30.591

The Junior qualifier was pretty straightforward with Tracer Hayden dominating the field during the Qualifier. Lucas Robertson was a close second. Overall, very talented young drivers made up the field of racers.

The Teen Qualifier almost felt like an actual position race with Trevor off to a fast start and Alizae close behind. Trevor seperated himself after a few laps and very nearly matched our track record! He quickly blazed to the Pole Position with the other 2 drivers finishing up with very respectable Qualifying times.

Junior Final –

1. Lucas Robertson – best lap – 32.827
2. Tracer Hayden – best lap – 33.841
3. Brandon De La Garza – best lap – 33.64
4. Christian Timple – best lap – 33.538

Tracer started off in the lead spot but was very quickly overtaken by Lucas who blazed the trail the rest of the way. Tracer was a close second followed by Brandon and Christian. Christian rode Brandon’s bumper the entire way but was unable to complete the pass. Looks like Lucas really took advantage of the situation and never looked back. Christian has dominated this track previously but has ran into some very stiff competition these last 2 months!

Teen Final –

1. Trevor Buongiorno – best lap – 27.812
2. Alizae Arbona – best lap – 29.629
3. Jordan Amling – best lap – 29.351

Trevor started off very quickly and gained a quarter lap advantage after only 2 laps! Alizae and Jordan were very close to each other but could not catch up with first place. There were no lead changes the whole race, with trevor nearly lapping 3rd place. Overall, these Teens are extremely fast and will be scorching our tracks for years to come!


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