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K1 Speed Anaheim Junior/Youth League Results

The Junior Division had several first time league competitors who were greatful for the opportunity to have some competative racing opportunities. Christian qualified in the number 1 slot and actually finished 1 lap up on every single one of his competitors. Christian dominated the entire race. Evan, however was moved up on by two lower qualifiers and finished just off of the podium. Ryan moved up to claim the number 2 spot late in the race. Joep was the big mover, climbing up from a last place start to claim the 3rd podium position. Proof that it doesn’t matter where you start, slow and steady racing can yield very nice results. Christian set the best junior lap time of the week during the race, and Evan, Jeop, Ryan, Pim and Ciaran all finished in the top 12 times for the week.

The Teen Division final was very clean and very efficient. Everyone ran a great race and no one left any openings for positions changes. Everyone finished exactly where they started. Trevor and Eric set the number 1 and number 3 best of the week adult lap times during the competition. Very nice work.

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