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K1 Speed Anaheim New Track Layout

21 July 2011

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  • Baliiiboy

    My 7 year old son Loves K1 speed, great place to for learning Karting. 2 comments-Please fix your lighting front straight away and 1st turn, part of the track half the lights are out!!! back end of track lighting is bright, and great for driving, video and pics. Other comment is New track is great, need to hit all the apex’s just right for a good time. One thing you need to fix is the starting Grid. My son Qualified 3 rd for the july 05 race. Grid positon # 3 sucks, your kart is pointing right into the turn barrier, you get boxed in right at the start, he would have been better off qualifing 4-7. he ended up in the back of the pack @ the start but ended up in 4 th place. please re visit the starting grid location, I think you would be better off putting the starting grid on back end of the front straight away, plus it would make the 1st turn more exciting. all the tracks I have seen have the grid on the front straight away. anyway see you guys on September 6, 2011 with better lighting and a new starting Grid!!!!  Thanks

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