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K1 Speed Announces Latest Expansion Plans

Santa Clara, CA, Austin, TX and Charlotte, NC Next Up On The Grid
K1 Speed, the nation’s indoor electric karting leader and innovator since 2003, announces today its latest 2011 expansion plans for new racing centers nationwide. The next three K1 Speed indoor karting facilities are planned for Santa Clara, CA, Austin, TX and Charlotte, NC. As the largest and most established indoor karting operator in the United States, K1 Speed currently has eight locations comprising 11 tracks that span from Southern California to Florida to the Northwest.

K1 Speed is continuing with its exciting growth plans in an effort to satisfy karting and motorsport enthusiasts and novices across the nation. Work on the Santa Clara, CA facility is already underway and the company expects to break ground in Austin, TX and Charlotte, NC with fall and winter openings, respectively, in mind. As the premier choice of indoor kart racing venues for many already, plans are in place to continue to expand nationally in the future to make this upscale entertainment destination available to more and more consumers throughout America.

“We are excited by the reception we’ve gotten from our customers in Southern California, Washington and Arizona to date,” said David Danglard, K1 Speed’s CEO and founder, “and we’re eager to take our unique racing concept to Northern California, Texas and North Carolina so people there can experience the fun, thrill and excitement of one of our centers.”

K1 Speed was conceived and created to offer enthusiasts and amateurs alike an authentic and genuine racing experience in a safe, comfortable, accessible and unparalleled environment. The new centers in Santa Clara, Austin and Charlotte will have the same high performance European electric karts found in the company’s current facilities so that customers there will be able to enjoy the thrill of racing while having a fun and exciting experience. The unique racing concept has distinguished itself in part because of the high speed electric karts that provide superior performance and safety features over more traditional gas karts.

About K1 Speed

Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the nation’s largest indoor kart racing operator with eight premier centers and 11 exciting tracks currently that offer a unique upscale entertainment concept for casual consumers, racing enthusiasts and corporate or group events. K1 Speed is a first choice anyone who wants to experience genuine racing in state-of-the-art European electric karts that are eco-friendly, safety oriented and provide superior performance to more traditional gas karts. Each K1 Speed facility is designed as a large entertainment venue with professionally-designed tracks and cutting-edge décor showcasing authentic racing memorabilia along with ample seating and viewing areas, spacious lobbies, meeting rooms and a snack bar.

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