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K1 Speed Austin Challenge GP 2 2K13 – Season 1

There was a HUGE sense of excitement in the air before the GP started. Last years undefeated GP overall champion and this seasons points leader, Ignacio Martinez, was not in the building! Everyone thought this was THEIR shot at victory. Ignacio’s 6 consecutive win streak looked like it was going to come to an end. The first round of qualifiers went off with everyone posting solid times and looking like they had a legit shot. Then, as quickly as the excitement built, it was gone with the swing of the pit door and the arrival of Ignacio! He then lit up the second qualifier to earn pole position and then once again, he blew away the field in the main event! Wiley veterans, Ted Smith and Timmy Palmer, rounded out the top 3 podium spots. There is are talks of a secret bounty out on Ignacio and the #1 spot on the podium next month. Can he continue his winning ways with everyone gunning for him event after event? Come race the next GP in REVERSE direction and see where you stack up against Austin’s best.

This month’s GP was full of new-comers. Lots of good racing took place in the B-Main from top to bottom but nobody could touch last seasons most improved racer, Dale Daugherty. He blew past the pole getter early on in the race and did not look back and took home the #1 hardware. Dale was followed by Bryce Widdison and Kyle Moss who took 2nd and 3rd honors respectively.


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