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K1 Speed Austin Challenge GP 4 2K13 – Season 1

08 April 2013

Not to take anything away from Reese Williams first victory of the season but the biggest story of the night was the absence of last season’s GP champion and this seasons undefeated points leader, Ignacio Martinez. He was nowhere to be found and the field of racer’s spirits were all flying high at the thought of a shot at winning this month’s GP. The racing was extreamly fast all evening. The track record was broken in the quals twice and then rebroken in the main event by Reese Williams. Reese blew away the field in what was the single fastest 16 lap race average for a GP to date!! The new track record is now 26.676…….and this was all done in reverse direction on the track!! Ted Smith finished second and took over the season’s points lead. Sean Gossett had a very strong showing and made the podium for the first time this season taking home 3rd place honors. Ignacio is still undefeated but this may put some wind in the sails of many. We will see you all next month!

Edward Galvis raced hard and held of Chris McNelis and Darrin Wicken to win the B-Main.

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