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K1 Speed Austin Challenge GP 4 Results

The Main event was plain fast tonight. It was the best race of the GP Challenge to date. All but one of the racers posted best laps in the 26 second range. Nobody could catch Ignacio Martinez again for his 3rd straight Main Event win. In the qualifying rounds Ignacio set the track record again with a 25.878. 2nd place went to Jason Young for a 2nd straight week and Brian Medieros rounded out the top 3.

The B Main was fun to watch. Sean Gossett held of hard charging new comer Brandon Pond and the youngest racer in the GP Challenge Josh Munroe to win the race. It was a pretty even field from top to bottom and it proved to be pretty entertaining racing.

The C Main was full of 1st time to the GP Challenge racers and full of excitement. Chris Harwood took 1st place followed by Jake Young and Gerald Henderson respectively. They just keep getting better and better. Next months GP will be raced in reverse direction so get ready!!!


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