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K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 1

The Challenge Grand Prix 2K13 has official begun and the first race of the season surely lived up to all the hype. This season the racing direction is counter clockwise, which is backwards compared to regular public racing and proves to be fun for beginners as well as test experienced drivers at their ability to adapt to a different layout. The top 12 racers surely battled it out on Sunday, never giving up an inch. The rolling start of this race was nothing short of a nail biter. All 12 karts were bumper to bumper coming into the first turn at speeds exceeding 40 mph! The remainder of the race was just as exciting; with all the non-stop action we’ve known and come to love from the Challenge Grand Prix series. In the end, it was Louis Pilloni who was victorious, earning himself 46 points in the first of the 6 race season. See you all next month!!

Our pole position racer for the B-Main event race also happened to be a brand new kart racer. His first time racing and Key Dougherty was already leading the B Main race. For most of the race the top 4 drivers battled it out intensely, fighting for a podium position. Paige Kaufman had a fire in her eye this race and was nipping at the leaders heels for nearly half the race. Although new to racing, Key Dougherty displayed impressive defensive driving abilities and managed to block Paige and her numerous pass attempts. Meanwhile; Jon Simms, one of our seasoned veteran drivers was determined to make his way to the front of the pack. Jon successfully made several great passes, working his way to 2nd position, but ran out of time to catch the leader. Finishing in 1st this race was first time K1 Speed racer, Key Dougherty. Congrats on the win! We hope to see you and all the other participants back next month!


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