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K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP

K1 Speed Carlsbad held round two of its Challenge GP Race series this past Sunday. A packed house full of some of San Diego’s top indoor kart drivers with a good mix of Los Angeles racers were all chasing after the top qualifying spot in the A Main. It wasn’t until round 2 when the drivers really started to get into their groove, and Shawn Walker would be the man of the evening, posting a very fast 27.825 second single lap time, almost breaking the current lap record of 27.80 seconds. The rest of the group kept qualifying pretty straight forward and most of the racing action came down to the main events.

The B Main would start off the night with new comer to the GP series Justin Cope on pole followed by local resident Jon Simms and Stephen Robertson in third. Justin brought the group around for the green flag rolling start and was able to hang on to the lead for the first couple of laps but it was long before Jon and Stephen were able to find a more consistent way around the track, Justin would end up getting sideways out of the hair pin corner and that’s where Jon was able to make his move and take over the lead and he never looked back. Stephen followed Jon’s line and got around Justin and the rest of the pack stayed in tow working to try to catch the top 3 but it wasn’t going to happen. Jon would take the win followed by Stephen in second and Justin would finish out in third.

A Main drivers took to the track with pole sitter Shawn Walker leading the group and when the green flag dropped it wasn’t long before everyone was freight training with each other all trying to find some room to pass on the driver in front of them. Eventually something had to give and a few drivers found them selves getting ping-ponged between each other. The group would spread out a bit, but unfortunately for Shawn he had lost a number of positions and dropped to the back. Thomas Litton was right there to take advantage followed by Matt Merrill with Jordan Robertson making his way through the field. Shawn was able to get his kart swapped out since it was starting to slow down, but it was too late and he had to settle for finishing in the back of the pack after the re-start. It looked as though Matt may be able to hold pace with Thomas, but Thomas seemed to have the fast line dialed and he pulled away from Matt finding a quicker way through some of the more technical sections. Thomas would end up coming out on top, followed by Matt Merrill in second. Jordan ended up dropping back a few spots after doing some rubbing with Kirk Messse. Kirk and Jordan seem to have a magnetic attraction when they are racing close cause both of them seem to get into trouble when they get within a few feet of each other. Justin Davenport would wind up in third with the hard charging David Messimer following closely in 4th.

K1 Speed in Carlsbad offers the best indoor kart racing in San Diego with our technical track layout offering multiple spots to pass around the course, drivers are finding the good line and getting faster each week.

Don’t miss out on our next Challenge GP race at K1 Carlsbad September 19th and join in on the racing action.


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