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K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP 4 Results

This month’s A-Main event was exciting, as always! The top 9 out of the 18 competitors were battling it out for the checkered flag and not to mention, bragging rights for the next month. Shortly into the race, Kyle Wicka (the fastest qualifier) held it down just like in qualifying and pulled away from the pack, gaining a commanding lead. From then on it became a battle for second and third place with Andrew Lemons and Josh Krauss battling it out K1 style! In the end, Kyle took the win, Josh claimed second place and Andrew rounded out the podium in third.

Another great B-Main event at K1 Speed Carlsbad! Passing is most certainly the theme of the first half of this race. Several intense position changes and passes took place, none of which were given up easily. Finally towards the second half of the race the drivers settled into their positions and it became a battle of speed and lap times. B-Main final positions are as follows: 1st- Charles Eichlin, 2nd- Michael Dozier, 3rd- Cristina Castro.

Yet another great K1 Speed Challenge Grand Prix in the books. See you next month!


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