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K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Result

Round four is in the books for K1 Speed Carlsbad as drivers took to San Diego’s top indoor kart racing facility looking to conquer the colder track conditions that have given new challenges to drivers over the past couple of weeks. Qualifying rounds remained smooth as drivers looked for the proper line. Right off the bat Jordan Robertson would lay down the fast lap of the night in the first qualifying session with a 28.352 second lap time to take the over all pole position. The other drivers were astounded as this young driver showed the crowd that there is still some speed to be found in these karts when the proper line is driven. Matt Merrill seemed to find a fast line as well but it wasn’t until the second qualifying session when he posted a 28.673 second lap time. Local resident Jon Simms, who has been working for the past three weeks to find the best way around the track posted a 28.779 second lap time to round out the top three overall qualifiers for the night.

B Main racing action would start out the main events for the evening, with a mixed group of returning racers along with some new faces to the Challenge GP series. Kirk Messe was on pole for the rolling green flag start followed by Johnny Miller with Stephen Robertson qualified in third. Kirk and Johnny would run away from the pack after three laps and they had their own battle back and forth. Kirk would lead for most of the race with Johnny sitting right on his back bumper. Kirk would get slightly sideways coming out of the hair-pin corner with 2 laps to go and Johnny would slip underneath, but his lead wouldn’t last long. Kirk found a hole and made a over-under move sticking the nose of his kart to the inside of Johnny, putting himself back in the lead with just one lap to go. Kirk held on to take first and Johnny would end up in second literally right on Kirks back bumper. The second battle going on was for third, as Stephen was going back and fourth with fifth and sixth place qualifiers Jared Thomas and Waylen Quarles. As this was going on seventh place qualifier Ricardo Macedo had a front row seat for all the action and half way through the race would begin making his move around the other drivers to the front. By the time the checkered flag dropped he had worked his way up to third, dropping Stephen down to fourth, with Jared and Waylen freight training behind Stephen as they all crossed the finish line together.

The A main would close out the night with a tight group of drivers freight training themselves down the front straight on the green flag rolling start. Pole sitter Jordan Robertson would have his work cut out for him with Matt Merrill and Jon Simms sitting off Jordan’s back bumper for a majority of the race. The group stayed in their qualifying order with just a few laps left when Matt would get by Jordan on the front straight. Jon Simms would follow Matt’s lead but he wouldn’t remain in second for long as he went too wide with just 2 laps to go and got sideways collecting Chip Graham and Connor Booth, allowing Jordan to to pull away with Justin Tolman and Ivan Maric in tow. Justin would catch and pass Jordan with one lap to go and all Jordan had to do was run a tight protective line to remain in third. With one corner to go Ivan, dove to the inside of Jordan as he came off a bit too wide, giving Ivan just enough room to slip by on the front straight with a crowd of on lookers cheering at the pass that awarded Ivan a third place finish, as he came from the back of the pack where he started in seventh at the start of the race.

This was a great night for all that attended, and with just a couple of races left to go in the season for the North San Diego location, the overall points leaders for the season is going to come down to the last couple of events. With the best indoor kart racing competition offered in San Diego, K1 Speed Carlsbad is the place to go to get your high speed racing fix.

Come out to our next event November 21st and take on the challenging track configuration with our electric racing karts. Check out the rules and race dates here

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