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Round 5 Challenge GP Results from K1 Speed Carlsbad

Round five of the Challenge GP Race series at K1 Speed in Carlsbad, California was hosted this past Sunday, with a group of new and returning racers all going after the top spot on the podium. With double qualifying rounds for the drivers, the over all pole position was up for grabs for practically anyone. The lottery pick that has been implemented to determine which karts drivers will be using during their qualifying rounds has created a more even playing field for the second half of the 2010 race season.

Justin Tolman was very deserving as he has worked over the past few months to figure our fast paced layout, his hard work rewarded him with the overall pole position, by posting a fast lap time of 28.70 seconds in our electric racing karts. Current overall points leader Matt Merrill would qualify into second overall position, with a lap time of 28.868 seconds. Overall third place qualifier Johnny Miller would be right behind Matt with a 28.957 second lap time.

The B main would start off the nights main events, with E. Tyruz on pole for the rolling start followed by Chip Graham, and John Gray with the rest of the field following tightly behind them when the green flag dropped. The field would freight-train down the front straight and into turn one, with no one allowing themselves to be passed by another driver. It wouldn’t take long before the group would start swapping positions back and forth as the divers were all looking to find a quick way around the track for this 16 lap main event. Tyruz would go wire to wire taking the win when the checkered flag came out. Chip Graham unfortunately wasn’t very lucky as he got tangled up with another driver in the far end of the course and dropped back to 7th position to finish out his evening. That gave 5th place starter Kirk Messe a chance to move up a few spots giving him the 2nd place finish for the B main and a slight move up in the overall points. John Gray was able to old his position in third, as he was unable to catch up with Kirk as the field had spread out quite a bit once the checkered flag came out.

Finishing out the nights racing action would be the A Main, with pole sitter Justin Tolman bringing the group around for the rolling start with Matt Merrill literally sitting off his back bumper, making use of his racing skills he gained from years of tack days he has from other racing venues. Johnny Miller who started off in third would hold back for a couple of laps and watch the action that was about to ensue, as Matt got spun out and was unable to get himself pointed in the right direction before being passed by the entire field. Matt would drop down the 8th for the night but still remains a heavy hitter in the overall points championship. Johnny Miller and Justin Tolman would end up putting on a show as they battled back and forth with each other as these two off track friends knew something would have to eventually give and and someone would end up going home with the 1st place trophy. Johnny gave Justin the over-under maneuver that allowed him to sneak to the inside of Justin with just a couple of laps, and take the main event win for the night with Justin sitting just off his rear tires. Justin Davenport who started off the night in 6th made his way though the pack to take the final podium spot rounding out the top three drivers for the A Main.

The competition in the last two Challenge GP Races at K1 Speed in Carlsbad, California has offered the best in indoor kart racing in San Diego. Qualifying is a real battle with drivers keeping within less than 1 second of each other creating some of the toughest competition around. Bring your A-Game on December 19th to the final round of the Challenge GP Race Series for this high speed venue and come race with the best in indoor kart racing with our high speed electric karts.

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  • Justin Tolman

    Awesome writeup! Thanks!

    Any chance of seeing the pics from the photog at the race?

  • Johnny Miller

    “Johnny Miller who started off in third would hold back for a couple of laps and watch the action that was about to ensue”

    This is untrue as I passed Matt at the drop of the green flag on his inside and before turn 1.

    The 6th race is going to be awesome!

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