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K1 Speed Carlsbad – Challenge GP Round Three

The top K1 Speed drivers took to the North San Diego location this past Sunday for the K1 Speed Challenge GP. Round three held at the Carlsbad, California location in this six race series, saw most of the usual competitors in house with the addition of a new driver thrown in the mix to make things interesting. Qualifying would be a bit back and forth but ultimately Matt Merrill would take the overall pole with a 28.442 second lap that he laid down in the first round of qualifying. Not to be out done, Jon Simms gave Matt a good run for his money, just gaining a slight lead on various laps, but could only muster up a second place qualifying position overall with a 28.481 second lap time. Third place was held by Johnny Miller which he got in his second qualifying round with a 28.847 second lap time. The rest of the field stayed within a half of a second of each other creating another tight field of drivers for the main.

Matt brought the group around on the rolling start and immediately pulled away from Jon Simms who did everything he cold to stay on Matt’s back bumper. Unfortunately number three qualifier Johnny Miller’s luck would run out and he dropped back to 5th for the night. The drivers agreed to a competition-yellow during the main event, allowing the group to catch back up with itself at the half way mark. So the group got collected back with each other on lap 8 and would go at it again. Matt would run away from the pack and never look back eventually taking the checkered flag for the night. Jon Simms had a battle going on behind him but was focused on trying to catch Matt, but he ran out of laps before he could catch him, he would take the second overall spot for the night at the drop of the checkered flag. After the restart Justin Toleman who qualified 5th had worked his way up to third overall, and new comer Ricardo Macedo who qualified in 4th would remain there for the night respectively.

The next events are coming up fast and you won’t want to miss out on all the racing fun with our indoor electric karts. Be sure to check back with the schedule posted online for each location.

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