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K1 Speed Carlsbad holds second indoor reverse Challenge GP

K1 Speed Carlsbad held their second indoor go-kart reverse Challenge GP February 21st. With multiple returning racers along with some new participants, including San Diego Chargers Linebacker Jyles Tucker and some of his friends to partake in the racing action. Challenge GP regulars are starting to show their skills as Khalifa Alasiri took the pole for the A Main with a qualifying time of 26.43 seconds. John Tanaka, another Challenge GP regular qualified in second with a time of 26.46, followed by Ahmed Alasiri who qualified in third with a time of 26.67. The new rolling start style format keeps the drivers on their toes, as Khalifa was able to maintain his position from start to finish to take the win. John remained in second throughout the race comfortably, with Ahmed remaining in third to round out the top three.

The B Main race had some great driving action, with Challenge GP regular Ivan Maric starting on the pole with a qualifying time of 27.05. Qualified in second was K1 Carlsbad regular Greg Tokics with a time of 27.19, and Stephen Robertson qualified in third with a time of 27.42 seconds. As the drivers came around for the start of the race everyone was lined up tight with Ivan and Greg slowly pulling away with Stephen in tow. Greg had an unfortunate spin and lost his position four laps into the race which put him at the end of the field, leaving Ivan and Stephen to battle back and forth for the lead. Stephen eventually passed Ivan for the with 5 laps to go to take take the lead, and he was able to hold off Ivan and take the win. Ivan remained close in second place, by less then half of a kart length. Greg was able to come back from his spin work his way through a majority of the field, and catch up to Jon Simms who was sitting in third. With two laps to go Greg drove around Jon, and held him off to take the remaining spot on the podium in third, giving Jon fourth.

As the K1 Speed Challenge GP indoor go-kart racing actions heats up, there is plenty for people to enjoy, either as a participant or a spectator. Come out to the next Carlsbad event March 21st and join in on the fun.


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