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K1 Speed Carlsbad hosts monthly Challenge GP

K1 Speeds indoor kart racing facility in Carlsbad, hosted its monthly Challenge GP race series this past Sunday with great racing action for all. Drivers have gotten very in-tune with our new rolling start format, which is creating excitement for all participants. Qualifying was tight, as drivers freight-trained around the track for most of their driving sessions. Young up and coming driver Jordan Robertson would come out on top, setting a very fast pole qualifying time of 26.136 seconds, for the reverse track configuration for the A main. Ahmed Alasiri would be right behind him in the second position with a 26.153 second lap time, while David Messimer would take the third qualifying spot with a time of 26.321 seconds. As Jordan would bring the drivers onto the front straight-away for the green flag, all A Main participants would stay bumper to bumper heading into a very tight left hand-er into turn one, and would remain that way for the first 4 laps until the pack spread out a bit. Half way through the race Jordan got sideways coming out of the tear-drop corner and would get passed up by Ahmed Alasiri who was battling it out with David Messimer for second place. David would follow Ahmed past Jordan to take the second position and Jordan was knocked down to third. With just a few laps to go Jordan was un-able to hold of Challenge GP regular Kirk Messe who would over take third. When the checked flag dropped it would be Ahmed still leading the group with David Messimer following closely in second, and Kirk would round out the top three on the podium.

The B Main saw just as much action as a few new participants gave the K1 Speed Challenge a try. It would be James Byrd Sr. who would out qualify the pack with a time of 27.977 seconds. He was followed by Harold Shepard II with a qualifying time of 28.467 seconds and Jack Terran would round out the top 3 qualifiers with a 29.260 qualifying time. James would bring the pack around for the start of the B Main with a flawless performance and go wire to wire for the win. Harold and Jack battled back and forth with some of the other participants making position changes back

K1 Speed’s Challenge GP in North San Diego’s Carlsbad location offers a challenge for all. A reverse track configuration, the chance to drive Southern California’s top indoor-electric racing karts to their limits, and the challenge of qualifying and racing with your friends and other kart racing enthusiasts. Think you got what it takes – come out to our next race on April 18th and find out!

  • J Rodela

    How did you all let Jordan run that fast? Jeez, he must have had nitrous in his tank! (I know they are electric) Cool him down will ya?

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