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K1 Speed Carlsbad Jr. League GP 2 Results

We had a record turnout for the Jr. League so for this season with 14 drivers which created 2 groups. The Southwell brothers started in a the #1 and #2 spots for the beginning of the race but it did not last. An early spin out caused Davis to fall to the back of the pack for the remainder of the race while his brother, Landon was able to secure his spot in 2nd place by only dropping back 1 position from where he started. Brayden Stansel made a good showing by climbing 5 spots and eventually making his way to 1st place.

The B-Main race remained steady with not many position changes besides the top 3 drivers. Nolan Agresti, who had claimed pole position for the start of the race based on his qualifying lap time was passed by our 2nd and 3rd place drivers early on in the race which left him finishing in 3rd. Mathias Lebrun and Gavin Solarez both claimed #1 spot putting them in 1st and 2nd place. The rest of the racers started and finished in exactly the same order.

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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