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K1 Speed Carlsbad Jr. League GP 5 Results

We had a great finish to our 1st Jr. Challenge season with one of the most competitive and exciting races that we have seen thus far. This race had many spin outs and position changes which made it this race and the points totals for the season come down to the wire. On the 3rd lap some drivers got tangled up going into turn 3 which caused a few to fall back and a few from the back to catch up. After this mix up Brayden and Davis were leading the pack and both looking for the #1 spot. On lap 8 Davis was finally able to make the pass for 1st which he ended up securing. Carlee W, Travis M, Gavin A and Miles D all made valiant attempts tonight as they were all able to climb at least a couple spots from where the started in the final race.

Congratulations to all of out Jr. Challenge racers for a good race and a great season. We hope to see you all again for season 2.

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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