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K1 Speed Carlsbad Jr. League Season 2 GP 1 Results

Tuesday’s event was a great start to season 2 of the K1 Speed Junior League 2013. Known around these parts for laying down fast laps, Landon Southwell did what he does best and ran the fastest qualifying time with a 30.364 sec. lap time. The Final race surely lived up to the hype with safe, yet thrilling K1 racing action. These future pros would not let a podium finish out of their sights for a moment and battled it out to the finish. In the end it was Landon Southwell rounding out the podium in 3rd, Taylor Gibson in 2nd, and your very own Davis Southwell claiming the victory with a 1st place finish. Excellent effort by all of this month’s participants, keep up the good work. See you next month!

1st: Davis Southwell – 14pts
2nd: Taylor Gibson – 12pts
3rd: Landon Southwell – 12pts
4th: Pasha Ghaemi – 8pts
5th: Shervin Ghaemi – 6pts
6th: Gavin Solarez – 4pts
7th: Mason Harris – 2pts

July 2nd – Mini GP
August 6th – Mini GP
September 3rd – Mini GP
October 8th – Mini GP
November 5th – Grand Prix Final


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