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K1 Speed Carlsbad – July 2009 Challenge GP Results

20 July 2009

The first round of the new 2009 Carlsbad
Challenge GP season, run on our recently reconfigured track layout, took place this past weekend on July 18th and the action was fantastic! We were pleased to see that the field was diverse and large, with 11 competitors, but Jared Buccola, who finished in 3rd place overall in our Carlsbad Challenge GP last season, was able to walk away with the pole position and start the race from the front row.

Jared’s dominance in qualifying was no mistake, as he quickly put distance between his kart and the rest of the field once the green flag was dropped, setting the fast lap of the race in the process. Despite Jared conquering the track and his competition with what appeared to be little difficulty though, the performance of the day had to go to Paul Ciralli, who started the race in 5th place and was able to make his way up to 2nd with clean, unchallenged passes. Such was Paul’s efficiency at passing that he could be seen waving his hand at competitors as he overtook them, as if to say “Thanks for making that easy!” Julio Rodelo was able to finish the race in 3rd place, taking the last spot on the podium after a solid drive which saw him hold off every driver except for Paul.

The first round of our new Challenge GP season at K1 Speed Carlsbad was a fantastic race with clean driving and some great overtaking. We look forward to seeing Round 2, which takes place August 16th and hope to see you there as well! If you want to compete against the very best drivers at K1 Speed, our Challenge GP is for you!

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