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K1 Speed Carlsbad – May 2009 Challenge GP Results

04 May 2009

K1 Speed Carlsbad - May 2009 Challenge GP Results

Some new faces showed up for the 5th round of the 2009 Carlsbad Challenge GP series, and they put on quite an impressive show! Kirk Westerfield, who is a regular but has never entered a GP event, came out of the qualifying sessions with some fantastic lap times under his belt, as did Anson Gentry, another regular competitor who was lured in by the idea of racing head-to-head against some of the very best K1 Speed drivers. Anson and Kirk definitely did their part to mix up the grid in the final race, and we look forward to having them in future events.

The final race had well-known competitors Jared Buccola, John Tanaka, Paul Ciralli, David Messimer and Kirk Meese leading the pack, though nearly every racer in the field was lapping in the mid to low-29 second range! John Tanaka was comfortably on the podium until he slowed his pace unexpectedly on the last lap and allowed several racers get by him. We later learned that he thought he had seen the white flag waved – indicating that there was one lap left – a lap earlier than it actually was. Unfortunately, that mistake relegated John to a 5th place finish off of the podium. Rounding out the Top Four were Kirk Meese in 4th, David Messimer finishing in 3rd, taking the final place on the podium, Paul Ciralli in 2nd, and Jared Buccola in 1st. Jared and Paul also tied for the Fast Lap of the race, with duplicate 29.22 second laps, though new competitor Anson Gentry, who finished in 7th, managed a 29.26! With one event left, we expect the racing to be intense, as John Tanaka, Jared Buccola and Paul Cirrali are all within Championship contention!

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