K1 Speed Carlsbad Challenge GP Results

24 July 2012

Fastest Qualifying Lap: Justin Tolman(24.542)

C Main(Slowest Qualfiers):
- Great race with a number of brand new drivers who performed very well.
Finishing Position:
1. Christopher
2. Ivan Maric
3. Todd Carroll

B Main:
- Chuck Gentile passed to take the lead early in the race.
- Daniel Hinton made several passed to move up in the pack
- A great battle for first with a very close fiish.
Finishing Position:
1. Chuck Gentile
2. Michael Dozier
3. Daniel Hinton

A Main(Fstest Qualifiers):
- Lots of position changin in the front of the pack.
- 5 karts all battled closely for a podium finish.
- Charles Eichlin made a good pass on lap 5 to move into 2nd place.
- Xando Miller qualified for the A Main and raced very well even though it was his first time at K1 Speed.
Finishing Position:
1. Justin Tolman
2. Charles Eichlin
3. Andrew Lemons

We look forward to seeing you all at next months Challenge GP!

Check out this YouTube video of the Grand Prix, A-Main, Picture in Picture

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