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K1 Speed Diet: Week Two Update

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**K1 Speed Diet done entirely for experimental purposes. Individual results may vary. Consult your physician before starting any new physical activity or exercise program.**


The second week of the K1 Speed Diet has wrapped up, and I’ve completed about three hours of intense go-kart racing around Track 2 (and a little on Track 1) at our Irvine facility. Last week, I lost about a half a pound by the week’s end – let’s see where I’m standing after the second week.


What Are You Doing Again?


In case you missed it, last week we announced that I am attempting to lose weight by racing go-karts. I found that whenever I raced at K1 Speed, I left the kart sweaty with a racing heartbeat and felt my muscles in my arms and legs had been worked out. This inspired me to look into go-kart racing as a form of exercise that could potentially lead to weight loss. After finding that you can burn up to 40% more calories by karting rather than jogging, I put the science to action.


At the start of this experiment, I weighed 231.4 pounds, just 70 pounds short of the weight limit on our karts. After the first 3 days of 30-minute sessions each, I felt slightly stronger, less out of breath, and had lost about a half a pound (230.8).


Here’s how week one of the K1 Speed Diet went.


Here’s the initial video we shot on the first day of my exercise:

Alternating Tracks


I could definitely notice the difference this week. Track 2’s session on Monday almost went too easy, and I feared that I was developing a little muscle memory from running the same course every day. Since there’s two tracks in Irvine, I decided to change things up a little and race on Track 1 on alternate days.


“But my K1 Speed only has one track!” I know that’s probably the thought most of you have, but then again, I’m not expecting everyone to do as much karting as I have. I’m thinking if any of you do decide to try this on your own, you’ll incorporate a half hour every week or every other week to add something extra to your typical workout routine.


If you happen to live in areas where there’s several K1 Speed centers in the region, like California, you could always change things up by visiting our different locations for a unique challenge.


How’d the Second Week Go?


I felt so much stronger overall during the second week than the week before. My breathing became a lot more controlled, I was able to loosen my grip on the steering wheel and focus more on how smooth my driving was, and overall get into a rhythm and pace that put me in that glorious zone, where you just look at the apex for the following corner and let the body and mind subconsciously do the rest. And of course, those K1 RaceGear RS1 Kart Gloves have been a huge luxury for my hands! To get a pair for yourself, stop by your local K1 Speed center or purchase online.

I already feel so much better after each 30-minute session than I used to after only one! My forearms and biceps are getting a little bit beefier too.


My food intake has remained the same – some burgers, pizza, and other unhealthy items, paired with turkey sandwiches, Greek yogurt, and other “healthier” items.


Weight Check at the Halfway Mark


So, two weeks down and six half-hour sessions later, I stepped on the scale and grimaced, hoping for the best but readying myself for the worst. And here’s what the scale read:

K1 Speed Diet Week 2 Scale

That’s right! 226.6 – nearly 5 pounds!! I assume my body must’ve realized that it wasn’t a fluke, I really am working out for a change, and my body began releasing the weight! Or perhaps my metabolism has finally kicked in as well, and I’m burning calories faster than I think.


Next week I’ll be a little more conscious with my eating to see if I can boost the weight loss even more, and we’ll see how I’m looking as I approach the final straight – week four.


How many pounds do you think I’ll lose by the end of it all? Surprised at the weight loss? Let us know below in the comments section!




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