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K1 Speed Houston Challenge GP 2 2K13 – Season 1

February prove to bring the crowd out for the reverse GP Challenge. A hardcore group of 15 came out with 10 new racers challenging five GP veterans. In the group last year’s champion, Teddy Huang, was all geared ready to go knowing he is a marked man. In the qualifying first round no racer could separate himself away from the rest . Reverse proved to be a challenge, no racer cracked the 22 sec mark. Next qualifying round one racer did so after a careful eye of the previous race. John-Conner Hudgeons 22.891 was the fastest so far until Ramiro Diaz 22.609 set the bar for speed for the night. Close behind the reigning champion was at 22.631.

First final was exciting as racers maneuvered for position the whole race…In the pack the only female racer, Laura Castro, held her own with the big boys and placing 5 in the end one notch above hubby, Lucio, in his race in second final…In the end Clement A with some swift turns managed to hold off the pack and take the first place on podium 22.849 second was Steve Plentl 23.051 third was Jason Edwards 23.145…In the grand finale the race change leaders several times until a major crash held up the pack and Jacob Temple took over the lead never looking back. The pack could not catch up as the jockeying continued. Teddy Huang , Alan Ma Wong, John-Conner Hudgeons would seem to switch positions on every turn and lap. Teddy mishap caused him second place and dropped him down to fourth but on the last lap turn John_Conner cut it too close and got hung up causing him a third place trophy. In the mist of the race Clement ran out of laps as he moved from last all the way up to 5th and posting the fastest time of the night 22.566.


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