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K1 Speed Houston Challenge GP 2 2K13 – Season 2

The August GP brung out 11 speedsters. In both qualifying rounds the group was closely knitted.
All running in the 23 seconds. A second and half seperation from leader to last racer..Great racing with skilled drivers. Alan Wong posted tonights fastest speed of 23.433

Final race start was a bit unusal as the front leaders delayed their start as second tier racers got a timed jump out infront. Alan front poll position fell back to fifth. Clement started in 4th claimed second place. At third was Mike Chang for most of the race.. in the 12 lap things would change, CLement got hung up in s turn creating confusion and all positions changed.. Alan Wong would reclaim a top postion (2nd) and Parker Portlock would claim 3 for the podium..Steve Plentl from the odd start slide by ALan in between the kart and the barriers to speed away while others jossled for position behind..Steve never looked back and was never threatned claiming August champion.


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