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K1 Speed in Carlsbad and Torrance Challenge GP

K1 Speed fans – its time to put your racing skills to the test this Sunday! K1 Speed in Carlsbad and Torrance are holding their first rounds of the Challenge GP Race series events. Drivers from all over San Diego and Los Angeles are going to be in attendance at either location put their skills to the test.

K1 Speed Carlsbad has an all new track layout that now combines multiple high speed sections, a very tight hairpin corner that is going to create an all new driving experience for competitors.

Our Torrance location has our unique concrete racing surface with a recently changed track layout that creates a technical driving course that will keep the racing action tight.

Which one will you choose? Both locations will offer the best in indoor kart racing with our electric racing karts, all the points are reset to 0 so everyone comes into this race even – it will be something you don’t want to miss as the pace will be set for the over all points leaders early on in the series.

If your a fan of K1 Speed don’t forget to become a fan on our Carlsbad or Torrance Facebook pages to keep up to date on all happenings at each location .
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