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K1 Speed Irvine – August 2009 Challenge GP Results

27 August 2009

We had a great turnout for Round 2 of our K1 Speed Irvine Jul-Dec 2009 Challenge GP go kart league! Not surprisingly, most of our top drivers showed up to battle it out for points and claim that Number 1 spot on the podium. John Tanaka, Toby Rodriguez, and Taylor Hays finished ahead of the pack, in order, to claim the top spots on the podium, and it looks like there is no end in sight to the domination of this Terrific Trio! Needless to say, it was another exciting final race for this group, though it wasn’t free of incident. Long time K1 competitor David Messimer ended up being pushed under a barrier in a collision, resulting in the race being stopped temporarily. The other competitors were great sportsmen though, allowing David to regain his previous spot, helping him finish in a very respectable 5th position. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by our competitors is just one more reason why we believe the Challenge GP go kart racing league is one of the best ways for novice racers to become involved in competitive motorsport!

The B-Main final was a great race as well, and we were pleased to see a ton of new faces. It’s always great to see up and coming racers attend the GP events. Among the new competitors were Douglas Edwards, who managed to finish in a respectable 7th place, Nicholas Rebeil who wound up finishing in 11th, and Chri Cubeiro who managed 14th in his first ever Challenge GP event. We’re confident that these guys will be making their presence known in the upcoming Challenge GP events. In the end though, it was Steve Wetterau, Jason Bordeaux, and Sean Thomas, who finished on the top of the podium. Steve, Jason and Sean definitely showed that they are contenders to be reckoned with in our upcoming Challenge GP events, and we expect to see them compete in the A-Main before the season ends.

Special thanks to all of our drivers; we hope to see you on September 6th for Round 3 of our K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP!

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