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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP

K1 Speed in Irvine California, held their second round of the Challenge GP Race series last Sunday. A packed house full of drivers all looking for that top spot in qualifying made for some great racing. Taylor Hays would be the top seed for the night posing a 40.883 second single Super-Track lap time, breaking the old record in doing so, to put him on the overall pole position. Qualifying remained relatively uneventful, and the main events would be where most of the racing action ensued.

D main competitors had a lot of new faces in house, all gunning for the top three spots on the podium. First time K1 GP competitor, Ioan Trayanov had an impressive showing taking the 2nd podium position, fighting off a tight nit pack of drivers, but was unable to catch Todd Lewis who took the first place spot with ease. Paul Akers would wind up in third to round out the top three from the D main.

The C main seemed to have the most racing action of the evening. On lap three, drivers were starting to thin out a bit, but unfortunately for Sergie Maffei, he was pushed into one of the walls by another driver which damaged the kart. The kart was swapped out for another and the group was restarted with a green flag rolling start which put everyone bumper to bumper with each other once again. It was difficult for anyone to find a place to pass, with drivers racing nose to tail with each other. Mike Kerkes would take the number 1 spot on the podium, followed by Shane Geivet in second and John Perry would wind up in third. The entire field would all finish within 1 second of each other making for the closest racing of the night.

Since qualifying was full of so many racers, a lot of the Challenge GP regulars wound up in the B main making it look like the main race of the night. The race remained pretty straight forward. A first time competitor, Christopher Heinrich would take the top spot on the podium away from well known racer Toby Rodriguez who finished in second place at the drop of the checkered flag. Michael Tekstra had an impressive showing taking the final spot on the podium away from a great competitor Bill Kreig. Bill is one to watch, as his time is coming for him to make a podium appearance.

A Main race action saw Taylor Hays take it from green flag to the checkered, to be the top driver of the night, basically running away from the group and not giving an inch to anyone who challenged him for the position. John Tanaka, who is another Challenge GP regular, would finish out the night in second place and Deward Bergenholtz would close out the night finishing in third. The rest of the group would finish in the same order that they qualified in, making for a very conservative race for the group.

This was a great night for all that participated, and this was one of the more larger groups to come in and race in the Challenge GP Series at K1 Speed Irvine. Our indoor electric racing karts combined with out Super-Track configuration makes for the best and most competitive indoor kart racing in Orange County.

Don’t miss out on round three on September 5th, which will be the half way point for this 6 race series at our location.

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