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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP 2 2K13 – Season 1

Very fun race with the Russ McGrane leading the pack. Russ took the jump off the rolling start and pulled away from the rest of the pack. The real excitement was between Kevin and Michael fighting for that 2nd spot. Going around the teardrop on track 2, Kevin motored his way past Michael to claim that 2nd position. A lot of new faces to the 2013 GP Season.

The B Main got off to a rocky start with 2 drivers spinning out on lap 3 breaking each kart. Got new karts put in place and off we go! Nick, Randy, and Tony after the restart were untouchable, pulling away from the entire pack taking the podium finishes. Some great talent this Sunday. We look forward to the upcoming events to see how their talents progressed.


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