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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP 4 Results

A Main: A familiar face is back… KC Cook takes the 1st place podium in our GP Season Premier. KC as we know was a amazing competitor last season and proves once again to be another threat this season. It was a tough battle for 2nd place with Paul Ciralli, Kenny Takemoto, and Nicholas Haye rubbing bumpers during the entire race. Paul Ciralli eventually took 2nd place with 3rd and 4th place racers finishing bumper to bumper in the final lap. Overall a clean race to watch with one incident of some hard bump.

B Main: Race winner Michael Dozier took a commanding lead right out of turn one and never looked back. As the race field tried to catch-up to the leader some heavy bumping ensued during the middle of the race. Second place finisher Jason Kooken displayed some precision driving to make his way through the race field to gain a second place showing. Fun race to watch with some great drivers showing off there racing talents.

C Main: First place podium goes to Steve Butscher. Steve was remarkable quick in establishing his race lead and maintained a health lead throughout the race. The race to watch was going to see whom would eventually grab the second and third place podiums. Jake Hernandez, Benjamin Ku, and Keith Takemoto all charged hard and showcased some great pacing maneuvers between the three of them. In the end Jake and Benjamin repectivley finished 2nd and 3rd.


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