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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP 5 Results

In our main event we have Nicholas Haye taking top honors. Not only did Nicholas win the race but he also recorded the fastest lap time of the night with a 44.057 time. The race leader to a commanding lead from the start with very few position changes among the rest of the field. Clean and enjoyable race to watch.

Sergei Maffei took a commanding lead at the start of the race. However, first time GP racer Akhil Patel and the racer that goes by Ghost weren’t going to let Sergei take first place with out a fight. As the group spread out in the race field the first place podium was going to be decided if Akhil or Ghost would be able to catch up to Sergei. With three laps left in the race it looked as if Akhil would gain enough ground on Sergei to challenge his position. In the end Sergei won the race with a full second ahead of 2nd place finisher Akhil followed by Ghost. A fun race to watch.

First place podium goes to Steve Butscher. Steve was remarkable quick in establishing his race lead and maintained a health lead throughout the race. The race to watch was going to see whom would eventually grab the second and third place podiums. Nick Buttacavoli, Brad Drew, and Mark Kempkey all charged hard and showcased some great pacing maneuvers between the three of them. In the end Nick and Brad respectively finished 2nd and 3rd.


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