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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP 6 2K13 – Season 1

What a race! Awesome racing from start to finish, Luca Bortone was being hunted almost the whole race with Michael Boanta very close throughout, with three laps to go, Bortone started to pull away from the pack and with the checkered flag flying he ended with a four second lead over second place.

Excellent driving and a great battle for first, Chris Akers, Bang Nguyen & Kenny Takemoto stuck together for the whole race with Chris just barely able to hold them both off. Jacob Hlucky, Edward Gakic & Michael Dozier also battled for 4th with position changes throughout the whole race.

This C-Main turned out to be another great race! 1st, 2nd, 3rd place went to all new faces, great racing, consistant lap times. Jeff Wascher pulled a good lead in the very start of the race and maintained to the finish, Austin Dunphy and Brandon Quinn battled for second the entire race with a slide by Quinn which then sealed the position for Dunphy. Esperanza Rios (our only female driver) did a great job deep in the pack and moved up three spots during the 7 laps.

Micheal Gilbreath pulled and early lead and with that, it was a clear track to the finish. A second position battle between Cameron Dunphy and Robert Velasquez lasted the whole race with a slide by Velasquez in the fourth to final turn that would give second place to Dunphy. All had a great time and are for sure coming back for next season.


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