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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

November kicks off Round 5 for the K1 Speed Challenge GP Race Series, and our Irvine location was the first to hold their event. The overall points battle is still a back and forth contest between drivers as they are all looking to take the overall top position for the race series at our OC location.

Qualifying remained as straight forward as possible, with drivers spacing themselves apart on our Super Track layout to give themselves some room with our electric race karts to lay down a fast lap without getting held up by other racers. Khalifa Alasiri was in his usual form taking the overall pole position from the other drivers running faster laps and a faster average than any of the other drivers participating that night.

C Main racers would start of the main events for the evening and this was a tight one with returning racer Rob Drew driving like a man on a mission not allowing anyone to challenge him for the number one spot on the podium. He would go wire to wire taking a well deserved win after many months of competing in our Challenge GP events. Steve Frame would take second place followed closely by Brandon Hayes who took third. The rest of the drivers would run closely behind them having their own battles back and forth vying for the next best position over the driver in front of them.

The B Main drivers were a mix of returning competitors mixed in with some new faces creating some exciting moments between the drivers as they battled for the top spot on the podium. Jason Foreman would take the win followed closely by well known GP participant Paul Ciralli. Alton Arnold who hasn’t been to a Challenge GP race in a few months made an appearance tonight and would round out the top three for the B Main

Closing out the racing for the night was the A Main drivers with the usual faces sitting up front for the drop of the green flag. This would be a great race to finish out the night as the middle of the pack would swap positions with some very clean and fast racing between Kirk Messe, Sergei Maffel, and Michael Tekstra. They were no match for the overall winner of the night Khalifa Alasiri who seemed to run away from everyone in his usual form. Toby Rodriguez held on to second place when the checkered flag was waived and John Tanaka would round out the top 3 on the podium for the night.

This was a great race for all and there is just one round of racing left for the K1 Speed Irvine location. The points battle is going to come down to the final race for the top 5 drivers and is going to be a night you won’t want to miss.

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