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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

The 2011 race season has began, and with round 1 in the books for the Challenge GP race series at K1 Speed in Irvine, California – many returning competitors were looking to see what it would take to lay down a fast lap on the Super-Track configuration. To create an all new course for 2011, the current Super-Track layout will be ran in reverse creating a new driving line, and new challenges for drivers around each corner. The qualifying format is the same for 2011 with two qualifying rounds allowing drivers to get use to the new track design and make every effort possible to grab the pole position and get the 2 extra bonus points to stay on top of the overall championship points chase. Professional D-1 driver and import dragster driver, Ed Bergenholtz showed everyone his racing skills in a kart are just as good as they are in a full size car by posting a 42.243 second lap time to take the pole position, and possibly take the track record in a competitive event for the current Super-Track configuration in reverse.

C-Main racing would start of the nights main events and the new track layout made for some interesting spectating. With a few new faces in the mix anyone could potentially take the top podium spot for the C-Main. After a bit of a shaky start, the group was able to get everything rolling in the right direction and it would be a pretty clean race for the rest of the evening. Ronald Bottano would take the top spot on the podium followed by Steven Frame in second and Michael Guyon rounding out the top three.

The B-Main qualifiers would be up next with a few familiar faces in the mix to make for some bumper to bumper racing. Michael Arnold had qualified for the pole position for the start of the race and would ultimately pull away from everyone and take the checkered flag. Neil Nombrado was working to crank out a fast lap or two, but was unable to catch Michael and would finish out his night in second. The battle for third was a bit tight with Sergei Maffei doing everything he could to keep John Perry from getting around him, unfortunately John would spin out and the pack would drive around him before he was able to get his kart pointed in the right direction. Sergie would round out the top three for the B-main and John was unable to recover finishing in the back of the pack.

Finishing out the night were the A-Main drivers with top qualifier Ed Bergenholtz on pole for the green flag rolling start. Unfortunately Ed had some handling issues and was unable to place in the top three but was still able to finish out the night on the lead lap. Taking the win was familiar face Toby Rodriguez, but it wasn’t easy with Connor O’Brien and Anthony Porta giving chase for the entire race making for a great battle between the top three drivers. The mid pack battle saw Kirk Meese, Joon Maeng, and 2010 RS Score Champion Emilio Garcia all in the mix going back and forth with each other but were unable to catch up to the top three.

The 2011 race season is off to a great start and there are plenty of more races to come. If you want to take a shot at racing at one of the best indoor kart racing facilities in Southern California, check out the race schedule and come visit the closest location near you.


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