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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

The dust has settled and round two of the K1 Speed Challenge GP race series for the K1 Speed Irvine location is in the books. A large number of drivers were on hand to compete on the popular Super-Track configuration which combines both track-1, and track-2 to create one large layout giving the OC the biggest indoor layout to compete on. Qualifying was fast and exciting with a number of new younger faces in the mix to give the veterans a run for their money. Robby Stanovich was again the man to beat with a pole positions qualifying time of 41.614 seconds to set the pace and fields for the nights main events. Multiple drivers would follow suit sitting within a few hundredths of Robbie’s qualifying time which made for some tight fields.

Main event action for the night would start off with the C-Main drivers taking the green flag, rolling start style format which was a mix of veteran drivers and new drivers which created a fun field to watch. Mike Buongirono would start off on pole, but it wasn’t long before he was pressured by California Lightning Sprint car driver and long time K1 Speed customer Jon Simms for position with Thor Herbst in third sticking to Jon’s back bumper. Thor found his way into the lead by the third lap but it didn’t last as he was passed by Simms on lap 4. Thor would drop back to third to pole setter Mike Buongirono who was able to get on pace and make a move to the inside of Thor. Once the front runners were settled in the checkered flag was out and it was Simms in front, Mike would take second and Thor rounded out the top three in third

B-Main drivers were on track next with a number of new young faces in the mix one of which was 13 year old Noah Gragson who was on pole for the start. The green flag was dropped and the field would freight-train into turn one, the field remained tight and eventually Noah dropped back to second on the third lap to Nicolas Rebeil who had qualified in second for the main. The rest of the field would stay pretty tight in their positions, and once the checkered flag was out the top three would see Nicholas Rebeil in first, Michael Tekstra in second, with Royce Mohler in third. Unfortunately Noah fell off the pace a bit and had dropped back a number of positions and was unable to recover.

Rounding out the night was the A-Main drivers with many of the usual faces running up front to set the field. Robby Stonovich has been giving a lot of the veteran drivers a good run and this race was no different, sitting on the pole for this race he would take the green flag on the rolling start and set the pace going into turn one. KC Cook stuck to Robbie’s back bumper waiting for him to make a mistake so he could capitalize and move to the front, but Robby wasn’t going to give him an inch and would instead start to pull away by the third lap. Edward Bergenholtz who started in 5th was able to make some early moves and make his way into third and eventually caught up to KC just before the checkered flag. Robby would go onto to take the win, with KC holding in second and Edward would hang onto third to round out the top three.

With the second round now in place the points battle is going to start to heat up. Right now Robby Stanovich seems to be hold a few points lead over the rest of the drivers for the Irvine location, but also has a strong presence in other K1 Speed locations through out Southern California. There are still plenty of races left in the 2011 season and there is still plenty of chances for other drivers to take a win.

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