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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

K1 Speed in Irvine, California hosted the 4th round of the Challenge GP race series to kick off the month of October this past Sunday to a number of very capable drivers all looking for a podium appearance. With the points chase for the overall champion a close race between the top 5 drivers it was any-ones ball game for who would come out on top. Robby Stanovich has been on fire for the past few months as he is currently leading the points chase at all Southern California K1 Speed locations that are hosting the Challenge GP race series. He was in the zone Sunday night as he grabbed another pole position start for the A-Main with a 41.928 second lap. The rest of the field would fall in closely behind and the mains were set for the night with all eyes on what would happen in the A-Main.

The B-Main would start off the nights final rounds with Tommy Parry on pole for the rolling start, and he would steal the show, putting on quite a display of driving technique fending off the hard charging Kirk Meese. Tommy and Kirk would battle back and forth, as Kirk put on his own display of driving looking to find a way around Kirk. Meanwhile the rest of the field had their own battle going on with new comer Chad Gores leading the rest of the field in third and gaining some ground on the top two. The checkered flag was out and Tommy would go on to take the win by one of the slightest margins every seen in a Challenge GP race as Kirk was in second just 2/100ths from Tommy’s kart. Chad would round out the top three on the podium to close out the B-main.

A-Main race action was up next with Robby Stanovich on pole leading the field for the green flag rolling start into turn one. The field would freight-train with each-other for a brief moment, and begin to spread out a bit with Robby immediately going to work and pulling away from the pack. With Robby out in clean air he was able to set a new single lap Super-Track configuration record with a 41.377 second lap, which also put himself in a good 10 second lead over the rest of the field. With Stanovich out front, the rest of the group would have to battle for second and third. KC Cook would hold onto second place for the duration of the main, using his outdoor racing skills to prove he can be a contender in the A-Main, with Bryce Maltby not far from KC. The rest of the field would hold their positions for the final 2 laps with Robby going on to take the win, KC hanging onto second and Bryce taking third.

With just 2 more races to go in the OC for the K1 Speed Challenge GP race series, the field is looking down the home stretch of the overall points chase and if someone will be able to catch Robby on the track. He has begun racing outdoors and his newly acquired skills have placed him atop many podiums in the Southern California indoor arena – he will be one to watch in the closing months of the 2011 Challenge GP Race Series.


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