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UPDATE 2: K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

It was a big night of racing at K1 Speed in Irvine, California as the best in indoor kart racing came out for the final round of 2011 to see who would be crowded champion for the OC location. Multiple drivers were on hand of various driving skill, making for a very tight field of drivers that were all within a couple of seconds of each other during qualifying, making for some of the quickest racing to date on the Super-Track configuration. After double qualifying rounds for each driver, KC Cook would take the over all pole position for the A-Main with a 41.507 second lap time to set pace for the rest of the fields.

The main event rounds would kick off with the C-Main drivers out on track first, making for quite a show for everyone in attendance as the field comprised mostly of first timers. Everyone in this run group had an opportunity to make a podium appearance as no one driver seem to be overly better than another. After the dust settled and the checkered flag came out, it would be Scott Melgren taking the win followed by Scott Mutimer, and Chad Niernberg would round out the top three on the podium. Everyone in this group said they would be back in 2012 for the first race in January.

The B-Main drivers were out on track next with a mixed field of fully capable drivers that could very well make appearances in the A-Main next year. Veteran driver Michael Arnold would go on to take the win showing he is very capable of winning, in this talented line-up of drivers followed by Trevor Buongiorno in second and Brad Drew taking third. Michael spent the entire race fending off 11 other hard charging drivers to maintain his number one spot and should be a strong competitor in 2012

Capping off the night was the A-Main drivers, with every ones eyes on the top 5 in the field which were made up of KC Cook, Edward Bergenholtz, Robby Stanovich, Jason Foreman, and Tommy Parry. The rest of the field were made of of seasoned indoor kart racers which gave everyone a look at K1’s version of an Indy or Daytona 500 line-up. The green flag dropped on the rolling start with KC Cook leading into turn 1 with the rest of the field holding tight to each other like the 405 freeway on a Friday afternoon at rush hour. KC Cook was holding onto the lead for a number of laps when he made a slight error and entered a corner too wide leaving room for Robby Stanovich and Edward Bergenholtz to sneak underneath and forcing KC to the outside of the corner. KC recovered and dropped in behind Bergenholtz, but didn’t have enough momentum and Jason Foreman found his way around dropping KC to 4th. Stanovich took immediate advantage of the open track and started to make his run for the checkered flag. He didn’t realize that Bergenholtz was sitting in a position to make a move on him, and on the final turn, of the final lap Robby would come out of the corner a little wide, not taking a defensive line giving Edward just enough room to get along side of Robby. Stanovich would edge out the win by 4 hundredths of a second with Bergenholtz looking right at the side of Robby Kart as they crossed the finish line. Jason Foreman would remain in third and KC could only watch as he finished in fourth.

The season ending race also wrapped up its over all points championship, with Robby Stanovich taking the overall win for K1 Speed in Irvine, California. Edward Bergenholtz would take second overall and KC Cook had enough points to finish out in third in the championship.

This was a great end to the 2011 Challenge GP race series for the Orange County location. With just a few races left for the month of December, a number of drivers are talking about making the trips to the various So-Cal locations for their final Challenge GP races as well. These won’t be something you want to miss!

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