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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results

A main
What do you know… KC Cook takes the 1st place podium in K1 Speed Irvine’s Challenge GP Season Premier. KC as we know was a amazing competitor last season and proves once again to be another threat this season. But it was a tough battle with Spencer (the Dispencer) rubbing bumpers during the entire race. Paul Ciralli who finished out 3rd place was doing everthing he could to catch up, but those 2 drivers kept pulling away from the rest of the pack. Ultimately KC takes the win in a nail biter.

B main
This was another fun filled race that made us cheer at the antisipation of Austin Yzaguirre and Elie Shline and of course or Championship points winner last season Nicholas Haye. These 3 drivers were not making it easy to move in positions. With there tactical driving and constant focus, lead all three to the podium finish line.

C main
Will Dobrenen, Ryan MacBeth, and Max Shline demonstrated excellence under pressure. Not as seasoned and some of our other drivers, they are on the pursuit to that A main arena. With some hard throttling and some last minute braking, these 3 warped around the track at light speed. A Very new line up which is always great to see on the podium. We look forward to seeing them next round for the next challenge.

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