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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results – Aug. 5, 2012

A-Main: The winner for 1st place podium goes to Spencer Mayeda. Spencer beat out 45 competitive racers to take top honor in todays GP2 Season Premier, Super Track Event. With Spencer taking a commanding lead for 1st place, the real race was between 2nd, 3rd, and 4h place racers. With the rest of the race group scattered amongst each other. Overall, the racers ran a clean race with very few incidences of bumping or slamming into walls.

B-Main: This was an entertaining race to watch, and tonights audience clearly enjoyed watching the racers compete. Our track staff did a good job in notify drivers that were violating our no-bumping rule, but driver, Olivia Ma, clearly must of had a brief laps in following our rules when she almost took out half of the racers going into Schumacher corner. No incidences of injury came of Olivia’s mistake in judgement.

C-Main: this was another fun filled race that made us cheer. Drivers Steve Butscher, Rishabh Shuklla, and Ryan Husband faught it our for a 1,2,3 podium finish. These 3 drivers were not making it easy to move in positions. With there tactical driving and constant focus, lead all three to the podium finish line.

D-Main: Matt Carpenter lead the race from start to finish. It seemed that the group would challenge each other towards the beginning of the race, but as the race moved on, all drivers had a 1 or 2 car length gap between each other. Still an all around clean and fun race, but not much position changes.


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