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K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Results for May

It was a packed weekend at K1 Speed in Irvine, California with the K1 Speed Challenge GP Race league on hand this past Sunday for round five of this six race series. All of the top drivers in So-Cal seemed to be on hand as a good mix of both indoor and outdoor arrive and drive racers made up the run groups for the nights main events. With double qualifying round on the reverse-ran super track layout it would be a hard fought battle till the final lap times were posted. KC Cook has been doing quite well lately having taken the pole for the nights A-Main with a 41.765 single lap time.

With the mains set to go it would be the D-Main out on track first to start off the nights race action with a number of new comers to the race series making up the field of drivers. Right from the green flag rolling start the race action would begin with Peter Suon getting caught sleeping and three drivers would get around him before turn one. Peter won’t be letting that happen again. The front runners Bryce Allen and Daniel Su would immediately take advantage of getting out in front of the rest of the field and put some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack. Ryan Keeley would sit in third keeping pace with Bryce and Daniel but was unable to move close enough to take away any positions. The checkered flag would come out with Bryce Allen taking the win, Daniel Su would take second and Ryan Keeley would round out the top three.

C-Main drivers would be out on track next and this would be another great race as many of the drivers were very evenly matched across the board, after their qualifying lap times were all within just a couple of tenths of each other. Pole setter Paul Moran and second place qualifier Bob Hyman would battle back and forth with Bob putting pressure on Paul for a good duration of the race but Paul was able to hold his position. Christopher Gorman would show Bob a front bumper but was unable to keep up with the pace of the two front runners. With the checkered flag out on the race stewards podium Paul Moran would go on for the win, Bob Hyman would take third and Christopher Gorman would hold onto a respectable third place finish.

The B-Main race looked to be like something you would see as a possible A-Main with a number of veteran drivers making up the field. This would be another race between the front runners as right from the drop of the green Shane Geivet and Jake Hardy were quick to drag race into turn one with the rest of the field holding tight with each other just a couple of tenths off the pace. The field would spread out a bit as Shane and Jake would go back and forth with each other. Jake put solid pressure on Shane but he was unable to find a way around to take over the lead and ran out of laps before he could make his move. The checkered flag would come out and at the start/finish line and Shane Gievet would take the win, followed by Jake Hardy in second and Michael Dozier would cap off the top three on the podium.

Closing out the night would be the A-Main drivers and this was going to be a tight race with both indoor and out door karters making up the field, including a number of veteran K1 Challenge GP participants from the past coming out for some Sunday fun. Pole setter KC Cook had his work cut out for him with the veterans in the group but he would make quick work of them and pull a hole 2 seconds away from the entire group by the first lap. The race to watch would be with second place qualifier John Tanaka and third place qualifier Nicholas Haye with Nicholas Rebeil and Kirk Meese in there as well. The four drivers would all stick pretty close to each other, and Nicholas Haye would do a great job holing back the hard chargers which gave Tanaka some breathing room to move away from the battle going on behind him. Drivers would settle into their spots pretty solidly and the checkered flag would go to KC Cook for the win, with John Tanaka taking second and Nicholas Haye rounding out the top three.

There is just one race to go for the K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP Race series and you know the best in the O.C. are all going to be on hand for the championship event to cap off the first half of 2012. The points battle will be a close one as drivers in the top part of the field all have a chance to take one of the top three overall spots. Come join us on June 3rd for the final round and see what the Challenge GP is all about.

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