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K1 Speed Irvine – May 2009 Challenge GP Results

18 May 2009

K1 Speed Irvine - May 2009 Challenge GP Results

In the B Main race, there was a heated battle amongst the top three competitors, with the drivers relentlessly going back and forth trying to make a pass for the coveted first place position. As the checkered flag was waved however, it was Faisal Qaisi who was able to bring home the gold against two hard charging competitors. K1 Speed Irvine regular Kirk Meese, who tends to make an appearance at every Irvine Challenge GP, was in place to finish 2nd, but opted to sacrifice his position to Stephen Robertson, who he felt truly deserved the position after a questionable pass that left Stephen in the barrier. With stellar sportsmanship and great racing, the B Main did not disappoint!

In comparison to the B Main, the A Main was a fast paced, yet clean race that was pretty much free of incident. Taylor Hays qualified on the Pole, and was able to put distance between his kart and the competition with a great hole shot at the start of the race. John Tanaka was running a strong race in 2nd place, but could not catch up to Taylor, who ended up winning the race with a margin of nearly 3 seconds. Jared Buccola was able to pressure John throughout the race, often times right on his bumper, but could not make a clean pass to take over the position and ended up rounding out the podium with a 3rd place finish. Toby Rodriguez, who was our top finisher last season, could only manage a 6th place finish against some tough competition. With only one race left in the K1 Speed Irvine Reverse Challenge GP season, we can’t help but think that the season is going to finish with a bang, as John Tanaka, Toby Rodriguez and Taylor Hays are neck-and-neck in the points! Visit K1 Speed Irvine on June 14th to watch the deciding race in person!

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