K1 Speed Irvine – September 2009 Challenge GP Go Kart Racing Results

08 September 2009

This past weekend, we had one of our greatest turnouts ever for a Challenge GP race, with 43 drivers showing up to battle for victory! Needless to say, we were extremely pleased with the attendance and the racers did not disappoint! To accommodate the large number of racers, we ended up splitting the competitors into four separate groups – A through D – based on qualifying times, which not only allowed us to better organize the event but also keep the competitors on a relatively level playing field with the other drivers on the grid. Being that we had twice the number of entries as an F1 starting grid attempting to race on an indoor go kart track (even one as large as our Super Track), we figured dividing the field up into groups would be the best solution, and the Challenge GP event ended up running very smoothly.

1st: Toby Rodriguez 2nd: John Tanaka 3rd: Kirk Meese

Challenge GP A-Main Finishers - 1st: Toby Rodriguez 2nd: John Tanaka 3rd: Kirk Meese

Not surprisingly, there were some familiar names in the A Main race of our go kart racing league, including John Tanaka, Toby Rodriguez and Irvine’s local hero Kirk Meese. Toby has been doing particularly well this season, no doubt inspired by John’s dominating performance last season, and once again ended up on top of the podium at the end of the race. John finished in 2nd place ahead of Kirk, who took the final spot on the podium in the A Main race against some stiff competition, including regulars Robert Dlugos, Khalifa Alasiri and Alton Arnold III. The battle between these guys is definitely heating up and we look forward to seeing how the rest of the season will play out, as we suspect that neither John nor Toby will give in!

Challenge GP B-Main Finishers - 1st: Michael Arnold 2nd: Steven Bordeaux 3rd: Jonathan Wright

Challenge GP B-Main Finishers - 1st: Michael Arnold 2nd: Steven Bordeaux 3rd: Jonathan Wright

As the competitors who showed up this weekend to race can testify, this Challenge GP event was unlike any other. The turnout for Round 3 of the Jul-Dec 2009 K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP go kart league was so great (and the racers so competitive) that some individuals who typically take part in the A Main race wound up in the B Main race. This was the case with Michael Arnold, who used his skill and experience behind the wheel to take 1st place in the final race of the B Main, ahead of Steven Bordeaux and Jonathan Wright. Rather than be thrown or distracted by his qualifying time, Michael set out to prove that he has the skills to compete, and he proved it with his win. In the C Main, Royce Mohler finished ahead of Jason Bordeaux and David Robinson to take the win and Jason Foreman ended up winning the D Main race, with Joe Batwinis finishing in 2nd and Brandon Peckham finishing in 3rd.

The racing this weekend was some of the best that we’ve seen and it was a thrill to see so many competitors vying for the win! If you would like to take on the best K1 Speed racers in Orange County, and indeed, Southern California, join us at K1 Speed Irvine October 4th at 6:30PM for Round 4 of our K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP series. We can assure you that it is an experience like no other and that it is one of the safest and most affordable ways to go wheel-to-wheel racing. We’ll see you there!


  • Jonathan

    from 10th to 3rfd!

  • Kirk Meese

    Thanks for the great comentary on my best race. Love K1!

  • Royce Mohler

    won the c main in my first challenge gp event. not too bad.
    this was a great event and i hope to take part in future ones as well

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