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K1 Speed Junior League Tuesday April 3rd

The Junior/Youth league is heads into round three next week April 3rd, for all young racers out there looking for a competitive indoor race series. K1 Speed offers the best in indoor kart racing and is one of the only indoor kart racing facilities that offers a full indoor championship race series for young drivers. Kids will be grouped according to height as all young racers that are between 4′ and 4’10” will be in kid karts and all kids 4’10” and taller will be in the adult karts. The run groups are not run together, only with other karts from the same class of drivers. With multiple locations offering a chance to compete in this highly sought after race series there is most likely a K1 Speed location near year that will be hosting a race. Come out to your favorite K1 Speed location April 3rd at 530PM for sign ups with qualifying beginning at 6PM. Entry fee is just $40 per driver! Dont miss your chance to come race with the best in indoor kart racing in Southern and Northern California, Phoenix Arizona, or in South Florida – SEE YOU THERE!

Click here for a full schedule of the Junior/Youth League for the first half of 2012

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South Florida

Santa Clara


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